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About Me

I created CookingWithAdam.com to help motivate people in creating their own meals instead of ordering take out or going out for dinner. I show my subscribers quick and easy ways to create healthy, tasty and satisfying meals for themselves and their family.

I’ve partnered with Blue Apron, HelloFresh and Home Chef to bring my subscribers the best of the best in terms of food quality. My weekly videos show how to make weekly meals from one of the above-mentioned partners. I go through the step-by-step process on how to prep and cook each meal. I also list the cooking and utensils you’d need for each meal to be completed successfully.

I always grew up with home cooked meals and feel that many of us could go back to that time of our life when a few days a week we can provide ourselves and our family the joys of deliciously home cooked meals.

For generations, families cooked fresh meals each and every night for each other. Now, with the crazy world we live in, going to the grocery, measuring ingredients and prep/cooking meals each night can be a trying task for anyone.

Another reason to cook at home is for connecting with family and friends. People create a special bond when they cook their meals together a few nights a week. You get to create something each and every night and form a closer bond with that special person (or persons). Plus, as an added benefit, you and whomever you cook for are eating healthier and save $$$ when compared to take out / fast food.

I hope all enjoy the videos I produce. I film the videos out of the love of cooking, not for monetary gain. My only goal is to help others also learn to cook and experience the joy of cooking.

Bon Appétit!!!